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Director Abanindran on his film Vellaya Irukkaravan Poi Solla Maattan

Vellaya Irukkaravan Poi Solla Maattan (VIPSM) is an upcoming film which is ready to hit the screens on the 4th of December. We talked to the director Abanindran on this interestingly titled film and what it is all about.


“I have kept this title to grab the attention but at the same time, it has relevance to the story too. I also have a tag line that says ‘karuppa irukkaravan unmaya pesuvaan’. Both mean the same. According to me all the problems in life have a simple solution. If we take THAT one extra step to understand and address an issue, we can always avoid many problems. In life, we always go by many wrong pre-conceived notions which are the root cause of our issues. For example, if we lose something in our house, we immediately doubt our servants. It is very instinctive. I have taken this knot and have conceived a story. It is a simple story affecting simple people and it is not a philosophical movie”.


About his cast Abanindran states, “Praveen Kumar plays the lead in my film. I have worked with him in the TV serial Dharma Yuddham. I felt he had the potential in him. Gautham Menon saw the film and appreciated his work. Shalini, the heroine is a model from Hyderabad who could act. She is just not a pretty face but knows the nuances of acting. Besides them, we have Naren, Jayaprakash, Karthik Kumar, Sanam Shetty, Balasaravanan and others”. 


Director Abanindran on his film Vellaya Irukkaravan Poi Solla Maattan

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