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Debut music composer Sam CS speaks about his work in Mellisai

The audio of Mellisai composed by newcomer Sam CS was out a few days back, but sadly the songs had leaked before the official launch. The film features Vijay Sethupathi and Gayathrie and is directed by Ranjit Jeyakodi. Sam speaks to behindwoods:


The travel before Mellisai

Musically inclined, I have worked in many films as a keyboard programmer. I have done BGM for Aaaa and Ambuli. But as a music director I am getting launched in Mellisai. Since the title is Mellisai, the first thing that people ask is who is doing the music. I have taken this into consideration and worked. As the film’s core is music, Ranjith wanted to have a fresh note and he trusted me with the project. He gave me the confidence and people who had listened to the songs are appreciative of my work.


Leaked songs

It is unfortunate that the songs got leaked before the launch. Although we were upset initially, we realized that our songs featured in the top 10 list in some of the portals which made us happy that even before the release, our songs are doing well.


Composing for Mellisai

Normally in a Tamil film, there are fixed situations for every song. But Mellisai will not fall under this template. Although there are romantic numbers, when you see in the film, it would appear as only a scene and will not be forced. All the songs, from the beginning to the end, will be connected with the BGM. In every song, a story will be musically ingrained which will give you hints about its mood. Most of the characters have some or the other connect with music, like for instance Vijay Sethupathi is a music director while Gayathrie is a violin teacher, her friend is a DJ and the film’s setting will also be like a music culturals and so on. You will realize that music is the warp and weft of Mellisai and hence I have worked accordingly.


Vijay Sethupathi

Vijay Sethupathi was very supportive and has been travelling with me right from the beginning.


Songs and the Singers

Two songs are montages, so we did not have the pressure of choosing someone to suit Vijay Sethupathi. We had used Hariharan, Haricharan, Shreya Ghosal and Harini. The successful combo of Hariharan and Harini sounds fresh even after so many years. Haricharan and Shreya have rendered a powerful feel to the Mazhaithuli number. When you hear it from a lady’s voice, it would sound very melodious but from Haricharan’s voice it would sound aggressive and energetic. The reason behind that will be perceived when you see the film.


We wish you all the best Sam and Team Mellisai!!


Debut music composer Sam CS speaks about his work in Mellisai

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