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Baahubali has a sizable number of shows in its 9th week too
The alltime blockbuster Baahubali enters the 9th week of its run all over the world, and today is its 57th day to be exact. Director Rajamouli had stated last week that his film wouldn't be extended in theaters just for the sake of records such as 100 days, 175 days etc, and that it would be screened only in theaters which continue to yield shares. He also made it clear that the film would be replaced by new releases, if need be.
Today Sep 4, there have been two noteworthy releases in Tamil, in the form of Paayum Puli and Savaale Samaali. Yet, Baahuhali continues to hold on to its share of shows in and around Chennai city in centers such as Sathyam, Escape, Luxe, S2 Perambur, Inox, PVR, Sangam and Mayajaal. Remarkable indeed!
Next week, we have Yatchan as the big release while a sea of new films arrive on September 17. Can Baahubali withstand all that barrage and still march ahead? Only time will tell ... 


Baahubali has a sizable number of shows in its 9th week too

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