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Ashwin Saravanan talks about Nayanthara's contribution to Maya's success
The Nayanthara starrer Maya has emerged as a genuine success story, on the back of glowing audience feedback. The film is still strong in its 3rd week, despite the release of a biggie like Puli. Sri Thenandal Films also made sure that the film got the required visibility among audience in good number of theaters.
We chatted with director Ashwin Saravanan on his take regarding the contributions of Nayan and Sri Thenandal Films in the super success of Maya,
"More than as a star, Nayanthara has contributed a lot to the film as an actor too. We always require a known face to pull in audiences to theaters. Some films have failed despite having good content, due to their lack of face value. Audiences tend to arrive only if there is a known star. I agree that a lesser known actress wouldn't have brought in this level of success, though the film would have still garnered good reviews.
And regarding Thenandal, they have the audience's trust and a certain credibility factor. They are great in reaching a film to the audiences, with their marketing and promos. They have clear plans for each kind of film, and are an expert in the horror space. They have in fact explored a lot within the horror genre too. 
Both Nayanthara and Thenandal are obviously big factors in the film's success." 
Producer SR Prabhu of Potential Studios said, 
"Nayanthara's presence is a major factor, no doubt. If there had been a lesser known actress, this scale and level of success wouldn't have been possible.
And similarly, Thenandal Films brought in their share of positive energy and were prepared to wait for a good release date. The simultaneous release date in both Tamil Nadu and Andhra was ideal and played a big role in the success story. C Kalyan released the movie in Telugu."



Ashwin Saravanan talks about Nayanthara's contribution to Maya's success

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