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Arya, Vishal and Vishnu come together for a promo song for Thakka Thakka

Vikranth had a short but a meaty role in Vishal’s Pandiya Nadu. He will be seen as the lead in Thakka Thakka which was earlier titled as Piravi. The film is being released under producer Kalaipuli Thanu’s banner and will be a July release.


The friendship that Vikranth shares with Vishal, Vishnu and Arya is well known in the industry circle and the trio recently came forward for a promo video for Thakka Thakka (TT).


Vikranth who is much touched and moved by this act of camaraderie states, “When the talks about promoting the film came about, it was decided that we do a promo song with my friends Vishal, Arya and Vishnu who are very close to me and like family. But I don’t mix professional and personal relationships. So I was hesitant to approach them. But somehow, when I broached the subject, they were all like - why do you have to hesitate so much for this. They immediately came forward and we shot the song. Even while shooting, they kept insisting that I be kept in the front and central in frames. The song has crossed more than 50K views in YouTube. This is such a boost and a motivating factor for an upcoming actor like me.  In fact, Vishal suggested that all four of us should do a movie together. It definitely shows their magnanimity”.


TT is directed by Vikranth’s brother Sanjeev. It is said to be an emotional action thriller which is based on friendship between two boys who work in a wine shop. Vikranth states that a very sensitive issue has been handled in the film and hopes that it would be received well by the audience.  


Good luck Vikranth and team!


Arya, Vishal and Vishnu come together for a promo song for Thakka Thakka

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