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Arun Vaidhyanathan on his film, a multistarrer

Arun Vaidhyanathan will soon be starting his next project, a multi-starrer featuring  Arjun, Prasanna, Suman, Suhasini, Varalaxmi, Sruthi Hariharan, Vaibhav and others in Bangalore. To be produced by Passion Film Factory, this as yet untitled film will have Arvind Krishna as the cinematographer, Navin as the music director and Arusamy as the art director.


Tamil cinema is yet to wake up completely to multi-starrers and when we spoke to Arun Vaidhyanathan, this is what he had to say:


“Actually, our artists are all open to the idea of multi-starrers, but they are a little apprehensive about their character getting diluted. But there is no room for such things in my film, which is a crime thriller. Each sequence will lead to another.


A good script can get you a good team. My script has interesting characters. For instance, I wanted someone who is intelligent and also funny to play the role of an intelligence officer and Arjun sir fitted the bill perfectly. I also wanted a young, intelligent and funny associate for Arjun and I went in for Prasanna who I am sure will add an interesting dimension. Sruthi Hariharan of Lucia and Nerungi Vaa Muthamidathey fame is doing Arjun’s wife’s role.


Every character in my film has a meaty role. I have given the bound script to everyone and told them that we are not planning to change anything from this because the slightest change will affect the story big time. All of them know that I go by my bound script. For the artists, the script and their character have to be interesting and as a director I go only by my script. Basically, we all work on trust and if we are going to adhere to the script there is nothing to fear about.


In this context, multi-starrer is the USP of my film and I feel it is very healthy for cinema as well. From the business perspective also, we need to excite the audience. If fans of all the actors come to see a movie, it is good for cinema too”.


That’s quite true Arun and our best wishes!



Arun Vaidhyanathan on his film, a multistarrer

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