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Arijit Singh croons an intense love ballad, Neeyae, for the Jai starrer Pugazh
As reported earlier, the music of the Jai - Surabhi starrer Pugazh would be released on the 3rd of July. One half of the composer duo (Vivek - Mervin), Vivek Siva talks to us about a highlight song (an intense love ballad) in the album 'Neeyae' crooned by Arijit Singh. With lyrics by Na.Muthukumar, Prakash Francis and with the noted Keba Jeremiah playing the guitar, this is Arijit's first ever song in Tamil.
"We wanted Arijit to sing 'Nenjukkulle Nee' in Vadacurry but we couldn't get him on board due to time constraints. His voice is so soulful and whenever we went to Mumbai, we could see the effect that his voice had on people.
We were faced with a big task to bring him on board. Arijit was pretty firm that he wouldn't sing in a language alien to him and was content singing in Hindi. We lost hope beyond a point as his concerns seemed valid. But one day, he called and asked us for the song and we sent him the scratch tune. In 20 mins or so, he called back and asked us to come to Mumbai to do the recording as soon as possible, as he liked the tune.
When we went there for the recording, he had done his homework, was fully prepared and had memorized the song. But we pushed him further to get the diction and emotions right. We made him understand the meaning of the lyrics and he would write them down in Bengali to get the perfect perception. After the recording, Arijit joked that he would never sing again in Tamil as we grilled him that much (laughs)."
This song sure promises to be memorable and Vivek signs off hoping that people would like it.
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Arijit Singh croons an intense love ballad, Neeyae, for the Jai starrer Pugazh

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