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Actor Nani does a cameo in Anjana's 'Pal'aandu Vaazhga

Director Anjana is currently busy with her film ‘Pal’aandu Vaazhga featuring Rahul Ravindran and Wasna Ahamed in the lead. The film also has veteran actress Poornima  Bhagyaraj in a pivotal role.


‘Pal’aandu Vaazhga got its extra sheen recently with Nani of Naan E and Aaha Kalyanam fame completing his cameo portions in the film.


Talking about how Nani came on board, Anjana says, “Nani has done a very special appearance in the film. We go back a few years and he has always been one of the first people to whom I bounce off my story ideas. This was perhaps the first script of mine that he hadn't heard and he was fighting with me about it. He wanted to be a part of the film in some way and suggested all kinds of crazy things till we decided upon the role that he plays. And as always, Nani killed the role! We had a blast shooting for two days here in Chennai - I don't think I have ever laughed as much during shoot as I did then! Was amazing and special having Nani back and it was like being back home...”


It has to be recalled that Nani has worked as the lead in Anjana’s maiden directorial film Veppam.


Actor Nani does a cameo in Anjana's 'Pal'aandu Vaazhga

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