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A stylish first look for Vijay's Theri!

When the wait was getting way too long for the fans to digest, here comes Ilayathalapathy’s first look of the film Theri directed by Atlee. Almost a range of emotions and looks being personified in this poster, it suggests many ideas about the action-drama. 


Poster 1


Draped in mufti, the electrifying Vijay is probably escaping from a bomb blast and looks ravishingly suave and smart here. More like a design incorporated for graphic novels, the context of this poster gives a surreal visage sending good hopes about the film.     


Poster 2


Giving a forced perspective with three Vijays positioned in a triangular fashion, one gives a fearsome look showing his back. With the innocent side of the hero wearing the spectacles showing a perplexed look, it is THAT Vijay at the back closing the mouth of the submissive Vijay who brings in a lot of flavour to the poster.


Maintaining a copperplate style to the moustache and dressed in Khaki, the police avatar of Vijay establishes a subtle, devilish smile with lot of charm added to it. Three different hairstyles denoting three different time frames of the story, a lot of excitement  has come because of the first look.


The simple and sharp style of the font is what every Vijay fan would want. The sophisticated swagger of their favourite star is shown in the best possible way. We wish all the very best to the team. 


A stylish first look for Vijay's Theri!

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