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A review of the Vedalam teaser which was launched at midnight, October 8
"Hello Meet Panlama 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... Kannamoochi Re Re Kandupudi Yaaru" ... The newly launched Vedalam teaser begins on this note with Thala Ajith mouthing these lines in an eerie, possessed and low-pitched tone. Simultaneously, we get sleek action shots interspersed, Thala riding a mean Ducati bike, some exotic foreign locales, an eulogizing punch line and the hunky villains, thereby hinting to us that Vedalam would be a lavishly made mass action entertainer with some supernatural horror elements as well.

The closing line "Therikka Vidalama" has already become viral and you may find movie buffs greeting each other with this dialogue in the coming days. The other actors haven't been revealed in the teaser and the focus firmly is on Ajith and the baddies. The film seems to have much scope for Thala to unleash his rage, histrionic skills, voice modulation and dialogue delivery.
So, is Vedalam Ajith's first attempt at the horror genre? Given the buzz surrounding Ajith's dual roles, will the film be on the lines of the Kanchana series with a relentless soul dying for revenge? These are some of the questions that the teaser throws open to us. We'll know more once the team unleashes more from their box of secrets.
To storm the screens this Diwali !!! Check out the teaser here -



A review of the Vedalam teaser which was launched at midnight, October 8

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