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The burgeoning Trisha - Nayanthara friendship

''Yes, we weren't comfortable with each other earlier'', Nayanthara

Feb 04, 2014

Friendships and camaraderie in the film industry are said to be very superficial and shallow. But there are quite a few relationships which have proved this wrong and have transcended many barriers. It looks like the latest friendship between Trisha and Nayanthara is all set to follow a strong solidarity.

Initially said to be professional rivals, these beautiful actresses have come out and rubbished the wrong things said about them and have established their relationship firmly.

Talking about their bonding Trisha says, "A few people managed to create misunderstandings between both of us, but it did not last long. We are genuinely good friends who share a comfortable rapport. Though Nayan doesn't stay here, I manage to catch up with her whenever she is in the city. The best part of being in the same industry is that we understand each other very well". Trisha further adds that Nayan is very genuine and gives honest feedback about her films.

Nayanthara on her part echoes almost the same thoughts and adds, "Yes, we weren't comfortable with each other earlier for obvious reasons. We were young and were just starting our careers. There was competition between us at one point of time. But we both have matured and are secure in our own space"’.

Now this is what we call a true friendship! Wishing the new amigos all the best and a long lasting friendship!


The burgeoning Trisha - Nayanthara friendship

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