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The audio of Gautham Karthik's Ennamo Edho was released yesterday

"I am not in any rat race" - Imman

Jan 18, 2014

The audio launch of Imman’s first musical offering in 2014, Ennamo Edho under the banner of Raviprasad Productions, was released yesterday, 17th January, at the famed Kamala Cinemas in Chennai. The event featured some prominent names such as T.Siva, Gnanavel Raja, Rajan, actor Karthik who accompanied his son, and hero of the film, Gautham Karthik and the rest of the cast members Rakul Preet Singh and Nikesha Patel and the film’s music director Imman.

Madan Karky said that it was easy for a lyricist to get typecast and he pointed out that after writing ‘Google google’ he had got plenty of similar offers which proved to be challenging time for him. He credited this film’s director, Ravi Thyagarajan, for giving him the freedom to approach the songs differently. Karky explained that he had used the lingo of this generation to strike a chord with the listeners and compliment the mood of the film.

Rakul Preet Singh made a fine impression in her attempt to address the audience in Tamil and credited composer Imman for his work. Nikesha Patel said that even though she had shot 6 Tamil films in 2013, she was particularly glad that Ennamo Edho will stand as her Tamil debut this year.

Ennamo Edho’s music director, Imman, said that he was given the DVD of the Telugu version which he enjoyed thoroughly. But the project clincher for him was the fact that he was presented with an opportunity to work on an urban film after spending the better part of the last 3 years visualizing the countryside and scoring for those scenarios. He appreciated Madan Karky’s efforts in penning all the 5 songs uniquely. He was particularly in praise of Vaikom Vijayalakshmi, a visually challenged singer, for her performance in one of the songs, both vocally and instrumentally through her Gayatriveena. Her involvement, Imman said, gave him immense self satisfaction. Professionally, Imman said that he was not running a rat race and that he simply wants to enjoy doing quality work.

Director Ravi Thayagarajan took the opportunity to thank his producers and his team for their full fledged support. He announced that his father, Stunt Thayagarajan, was his biggest inspiration having worked in nearly 3000 films till date. The director said that Prabhu will be seen in a way that we’ve never seen before and it was a role that excited the veteran.

The film’s hero Gautham Karthik said that he had laughed out loud during the screening of the Telugu original and during the climax he noticed that his dad too was also on the floor laughing. He thanked the entire unit and the director Ravi for treating him like a brother and called them all friends of his.

Veteran star Karthik said that this film had a bold script with quality making which was received well by the Telugu audience and he was certain that the Tamil audience will lap it up even more. He announced that the present generation was extremely passionate and that the future of Tamil cinema is in very good hands. 


The audio of Gautham Karthik's Ennamo Edho was released yesterday

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