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Sutrula - A romantic adventure thriller ...

Sutrula - A romantic adventure thriller

Nov 12, 2014

Action packed sequences, a suspicious doll, revenge and death ultimatum are glimpses from the trailer of Sutrula. Directed by Rajesh Alfred and produced by V.Venkatraman and M Ravikumar, the film is a romantic adventure thriller.

The doll throughout the trailer acts as the second hero. Unlike other horror movies where a doll is shown in a suspicious angle with high-key lighting, here the doll is all dressed up and the lighting is left flat. Actors of this movie are mostly new faces who seem to emote just as much as the scene requires. The background score of the trailer gives a thrilling and exhilarating feel. It keeps the flow of the story intact.
The opening shots of the trailer include elements such as tall trees, pink-dressed doll, cigarette lighter and back shot of a man standing, along with a strong BGM. These shots depict suspense and thrill, where the viewer might get lost thinking that it is a horror flick. But in the coming scenes there is revenge and more.
Is the doll another supernatural character? Who is the one taking revenge? What is the reason for the mishap? Watch this space for more updates on the movie's release dates.


Sutrula - A romantic adventure thriller ...

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