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Priya Anand is happy with the response from Oru Oorla Rendu Raja

Priya Anand's conscious decision gets her good feedback

Nov 12, 2014
Fresh out of the release of Oru Oorla Rendu Raja (OORR), Priya Anand appears to be all kicked about the positive reviews and comments the movie has been bringing in for her. Speaking to our correspondent she says

"I am thankful to director Kannan. His movies generally have good scope for heroines and OORR specifically has had more scope for me. I was initially skeptical about taking up the role, however I am thankful that it has paid off. I feel blessed to perform with an experienced performer like Nasser sir. I am also thankful to Vemal and Soori, my co actors in the film. There has been unanimous positive feedback from the trade and distributors as well" 

Ask her about her decision to go rural, she says

"It was a conscious decision to play a grounded role with simple costumes, unlike my urban make-over in Arima Nambi and Irumbu Kuthirai. After Ethir Neechal this is another wholesome reach for me in all centers."


Priya Anand is happy with the response from Oru Oorla Rendu Raja

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