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Simbu's bold, forthright comments from a recent chat show

''I don't feel like doing films at all'' - Simbu

Mar 16, 2014
Simbu is one actor who is always known to speak his mind. He has been involved in some controversies too, due to his bold and daring image. Even recently, the handsome young star made a big splash in the media for the way he announced his break-up with actress Hansika. 
A few days back, on a prominent chat show in a private television channel, Simbu was again at it and had some really interesting and forthright comments to make about his life and career.
"Of late I am not liking the process of doing films. I wish to do something beyond cinema. When I was young, I wanted to grow into a huge star like Rajini Sir and intended to do a lot of films. But now that I have crossed 30, life seems different and my goals have changed. I don't wish to become a superstar anymore. I am not interested in competition and jealousy. The success or failure of my films won't impact me anymore.
Cinema is just a boundary and I don't wish to be restricted by that. Doing something for the world at large is what interests me now. 
I am not liking money too nowadays. Due to money, people are losing their humanity and their inherent goodness. Jealousy has also increased due to money and the society is deteriorating. There shouldn't be any money in this world." 


Simbu's bold, forthright comments from a recent chat show

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