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Read how Nayanthara takes Aishwarya Rai's place

Nayanthara in Aishwarya Rai's place

Aug 11, 2014

Tamil cinema buffs wouldn't forget the movie Jeans that easily, for it featured some stunning locations from all over the world and also the unbelievably beautiful Aishwarya Rai at her pristine best. Among the numerous exotic spots featured in the movie was Grand Canyon, in the 'Hai Rabba' duet number, filmed on the lead pair. 

The Grand Canyon is one truly remarkable spot and seeing it on the big screen makes it even more spectacular. Now we can look forward to the Grand Canyon in Tamil cinema yet again, in the upcoming Nanbenda, featuring Nayanthara and Udhayanidhi Stalin. A romantic song composed by Harris Jayaraj is set to be filmed at this US spot with the film's lead pair.
It sure promises to be a spectacle on screen. DoP Balasubramaniem must be licking his lips in anticipation at this glorious prospect.



Read how Nayanthara takes Aishwarya Rai's place

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