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Kamal thanks Indian government after attending the Cannes Film Festival

Kamal Haasan thanks Indian government

May 20, 2014

Kamal Haasan, who led the Indian film industry delegation at Cannes this year has come back and is quite happy and proud to have been a part of the festival.


According to a statement from the Vishwaroopam hero, “It is important that the filmmakers of today find the right people to connect with, and so it is a great initiative on part of the Ministry of I&B and FICCI to develop the program of the India Pavilion in such a way that many important international names in the film business have been coming to the pavilion – providing Indian filmmakers and delegates at Cannes the rare opportunity to interact with them”


He further adds, “As an Indian filmmaker, I am proud to have been part of this wonderful endeavor by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting in making the India Pavilion at Cannes a hub of networking, business and informative interactions to promote partnerships between the Indian film fraternity and the global one. I am happy to know that going forward Indian filmmakers will have the support of the government in pushing forward their business and creative ventures.”


It sure is one more feather in Kamal’s already much decorated cap!!


Kamal thanks Indian government after attending the Cannes Film Festival

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