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Gautham Menon's VTV continues to enthrall

Simbu and Trisha just can't get enough of the classic VTV

Sep 22, 2014
Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya will always remain a special movie for everyone concerned, be it director Gautham Menon or the lead pair Simbu and Trisha. The film, with outstanding music by A.R.Rahman, enjoys a cult following among movie goers with lovers of romance flicks taking an extra-special liking for this realistic urban movie.
Yesterday the film was again screened on TV for the umpteenth time and the lead pair, Simbu and Trisha, apparently went on a trip down memory lane and shared the same in their respective Twitter feeds.

Simbu - "Was watching #Vtv after a very long time ... So much memories :) #magical"

Trisha - "VTV on tele again❤️Times wen i lurvee clogged n crammed timelines"
With Simbu again reuniting with Gautham Menon for a similar realistic movie, the expectations are already soaring. Pallavi would be his onscreen pair this time around.



Gautham Menon's VTV continues to enthrall

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