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Editor Praveen talks about his journey

''A Thala film was a big jump for us''

Mar 04, 2014

Editor Praveen KL took some time out from his super-busy schedule for a conversation with Behindwoods. We present to you a little excerpt from this interview

Your edits comprise a lot of effects and stylish cuts. Is that your signature?

Nowadays effects are becoming synonymous with editing, fortunately or unfortunately. People ask for the ‘Goa style’ from me and they like such effects and flashy visuals.

We upped the style for Mankatha too. A Thala film was a big jump for us - from Goa to Ajith. After Chennai 28 itself, we were supposed to do an Ajith film. That was not Mankatha but a different film. Ajith sir was ready, story discussions happened but it didn’t work out that time. Then Mankatha happened.

The full interview can be found here -


Editor Praveen talks about his journey

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