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The Christmas line-up for 2014 is all set ...

The Christmas releases complete all formalities

Dec 12, 2014

It looks like a season for movies with many expected films piling up like snowflakes in a blizzard, waiting for the chance to see the light of day on the silver-screen.


With over half a dozen movies fighting it out to release in the next twenty days, it is still unsure which would make it to the theatres and which wouldn’t, by the end of the year.


Prabhu Soloman’s Kayal which has some soul stirring melodies was sent for censor yesterday and has been certified with a clean U without cuts or even mutes.


Meaghamann, starring Arya has been censored with a U/A certification due to some intense action oriented sequences.


It must be noted that, the other Christmas competitors like Isai and Kappal have already been censored with a U/A and U respectively. Will all these four movies make it for Christmas? We will have to wait and see.


The Christmas line-up for 2014 is all set ...

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