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Vishal to start an anti-piracy squad? ...

Vishal to start an anti-piracy squad?

Dec 27, 2014
It was a full house for the Aambala audio launch. The crowd had a mix of celebrities, press, film buffs and of course the fans. With a slew of film personalities ranging from director SA Chandrasekar to actor Vaibhav, Aambala audio launch had the typical frenzy and fun. Beginning with welcoming the esteemed guests and then proceeding to the screening of the catchy trailer and the two songs from the already hit album, Aambala audio launch also had some serious issues addressed, apart from praising Hip-hop Adhi for his stupendous effort in churning chartbuster songs.   
Hello 'Puratchi Thalapathy' Vishal sir! Congratulations for the audio launch! Both as an actor and a producer you are doing a great job. Hansika was shooting Meaghamann when she committed for Aambala. When she came to me and told she was happy about doing a film with Vishal and the title was 'Ambaaala', I was shocked. I called Vishal and asked him, what's up with this very weird name for the film. Vishal told me it was Aambala. So, this was the case with Hansika. Jokes apart, she is a dedicated actress. No wonder she is a big star today. To my knowledge, she's been acting from the age of 5. Vishal asked if I had committed a music director for my next project, I asked him why; he told me, there is this young boy Adhi who will soon be a big name. Now I get it why! Awesome songs! All the best brother! In MGR I did a guest role. In this film I asked Sundar C sir, aren't you giving me any role? He gave a gentle smile, I understood it all. Still waiting for a chance to be part of his film! Once again my wishes to the whole team!
Khushbu Sundar
I am not here to talk about my husband. I am here to talk about Vishal and Adhi. I've known Vishal for quite some time. He and my husband are bonding like best-friends. I feel like I'm the disturbance to them when we three are together. This is like a triangular love story. Vishal in a matter of days became close to me and my family. Adhi is a true rock-star. He is a bundle of talent. His songs are sensational. He has given awesome music and has also written the lyrics for all the songs. This film is a complete family entertainer. We have an ensemble cast to treat you this Pongal with a feast. I wish this team a great success. I am a proud wife today.
Actor Sathish
I have a new friend now. Vishal sir is a delight to be with. Post the shoot, we will go on long walks. Those weren't just casual strolls, we were like this anti-piracy squad stopping people from selling pirated movie CDs and DVDs or even illegally exhibiting it. He's doing this not for his own films. We almost stalled a bus and had a tiff with them for playing VIP for the passengers. 
He is the first Aambala to face the issue and sort it out. I will miss this team. 
I came from Kovai to make it big. I knew nobody in films. Just like that, without any intentions, I was writing music. Thanks to you people, I'm what I'm today. Club'le mub'le brought me fame. Sorry if I'm making any mistakes. This is completely new to me. I am blank and lost now. Thanks to Vishal anna and Sundar C for trusting in us. I have told this already, Hip-hop Tamizha is not just me. It is Jeeva, my friend who does it all. I'm just getting all the appreciation. Keep supporting us. Thank you all!   
Sundar C
People generally enquire the reason behind my titles. This time nobody did. Aambala and Vishal are self-explanatory terms. He is rising to be a proper action star on and off screen. After the shoot, he used to sit at the caravan and deal all the payments. He will go a long way. Adhi has given some amazing songs for us. By next year he's going to be really busy and might make Vishal and me wait at his office. I'm happy for him. Like the entertainers in 80s I wanted to do a film with Vishal and that's how MGR started. Due to some reasons the film is still finding it hard to make it to the theatres. But now I'm happy. In the meantime, I've made another film with the same Vishal and it is also ready for a release. I'm known for finishing films real fast. But the only producer who requested to fasten my work was Vishal's VFF. I am so happy to have collaborated with him. We are giving you a dish for Pongal. Come and have it with us.
Can we have a minute of silence for KB sir? (After a minute) I extend a warm welcome to you all, on behalf of VFF and team. 16 months before, I had a thought. We started Vishal Film Factory. Now we have managed to release 4 decent films loved by the audience. Thanks to my team. When we started Aambala, everybody reminded us of the MGR episode. We were least bothered. In just over three months, we have managed to complete a film, not compromising on the quality. Our company doesn't believe in functions like this. This audio launch was planned exclusively for Adhi. To introduce him to this world, we wanted to have a grand event like this. Thambi? This is for you. Meet you for Pongal.    
The audio CD was released by the dignitaries and everybody signed off on a high !


Vishal to start an anti-piracy squad? ...

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