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A report on the new releases this week

Friday Film Fest - The new releases in town

Feb 28, 2014

Since the birth of the new year, there have been a plethora of Tamil film releases every week. Good films aren't able to run properly for more than a week as the next set of new releases come in and take their share of screens. Bad films are rejected outright and aren't able to hold on in theaters beyond the first weekend. 

This week too, there are many releases, continuing the trend from the preceding weeks. The much expected ones are Thegidi and Vallinam - which already have good reviews from the previews shows and press screenings. Amara and Panivizhum Malarvanam are the other two releases which open in lesser number of screens. 
There are some dubbing films too such as Vetrimaaran IPS, starring Mohanlal in the lead. This film has got a sizable release in the outskirts of Chennai, probably to cash in on Jilla's recent success run.
The show goes on.


A report on the new releases this week

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