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Vinod Kishan speaks about his latest movie Vidiyum Munn

''Forever ready to act in Suseenthiran Sir's movie''

Dec 05, 2013
Vinod Kishan, the young actor who played a major role in Vidiyum Munn, has been getting some real good feedback after the release of the movie. Vinod, who has been playing the silent killer type roles lately, was also seen in Suseenthiran's Naan Mahaan Alla. The actor spoke about the movie with our Behindwoods correspondent in an exclusive chat.

"The four of us (His gang members in Naan Mahaan Alla) are always in touch with Suseenthiran sir. We are all ready to act in his movie again, given an opportunity. I was selected by Balaji Kumar Sir after watching Naan Mahaan Alla."

When asked if he would continue playing roles that carry a negative shade , he said.

"I want to do all kind of roles. In Kaliyugam (one of his upcoming movies), I am playing the lead. It is not a negative role.

Speaking about Vidiyum Munn, Vinod mentioned that people liked the twist in the climax.

"If you notice closely, I have not blinked my eyes in the entire movie. I did not have to put in much effort though. But the team had put in lot of effort for the lighting.

Vinod was also all praises when he spoke about Balaji K Kumar, the director of Vidiyum Munn. 

"His working style is completely different. He is very knowledgeable. He can talk about any topic under the sun. He has influenced me a lot. Even I have started reading and acquiring knowledge after having interacted with him."



Vinod Kishan speaks about his latest movie Vidiyum Munn

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