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Reasons why you should catch up with JC Daniel

An apt film to celebrate 100 years of cinema

Oct 04, 2013

J.C Daniel the upcoming ADR movie that is to be released on the 18th of October is a movie that traces the history of film making. J.C Daniel was a Tamilian from Nagercoil who developed an affinity towards film making and is considered the father of Malayalam Cinema.

Harish Hero, the executive producer of the ADR version of the movie spoke to our Behindwoods Correspondent on the reasons why people should watch this movie.

This movie portrays the ethnicity of South India and hence will definitely have a global reach as there is always a saying, the more ethnic the films are the more global it becomes. The movie depicts how film making evolved in South India and the hurdles J.C Daniel had to come across to emerge out as a film maker. Every budding film maker would love this film as it portrays the importance of family support to film aspirers.”

The film has Prithviraj and Mamta Mohandas in the lead. Madhan Bob and Sreenivasan also play important characters in the film. With the centenary celebrations of the 100th of year of Indian Cinema just being over, a film such as J.C Daniel is the right kind of film that would take you back to the early stages of cinema.


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Reasons why you should catch up with JC Daniel

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