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Kamal Haasan is ashamed, but Prakash Raj is proud

Dec 24, 2012

The monstrous gang-rape in Delhi has not only miffed the general public, but celebrities too expressed their disgust through various social media and interviews. Kamal Haasan in a recent press meet voiced against death penalty, which the entire country is demanding the government to guarantee the perpetrators. He said that the victim is his sister, the criminals his brothers and that he is ashamed of the tragic incident.


It is not news that Kamal is against death penalty. He had made the same point in his earlier film, Virumandi. According to him, capital punishment is not the right way to deal with a crime and termed death penalty as “judicially assisted murder”.


Meanwhile, Prakash Raj in an audio statement released today said that he is very proud to know that the younger generation of the country has come together to voice against the unfortunate incident that happened in Delhi. “I’m very happy that they have put down their feet and said they’ll not tolerate this nonsense anymore,” expressed the actor. He also hopes that this will lead to an atmosphere where there are lesser crimes against women and children. 



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