Why Jilla vs Veeram ?

Why Jilla vs Veeram ?

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Nowadays, whenever I log into my Twitter account, I always find some tweets with the hashtag JillavsVeeram..  Even though a healthy competition is needed, most of the times these kind of tweets mostly lead to an online war between the fans of these two actors..

It is high time for the fans to understand that they are using a social network like twitter, which is used globally... This type of online fights for their favorite actors and the abusive tweets that they used will be seen by everyone globally...It will make a bad impact not only on the people who create those tweets, but also to the two stars who are concerned...

When Vijay and Ajith are very good friends in the real life, why can't their fans be the same... Fans of both these actors consider their stars as role models and follow all their principles... It will be good that fans stop this silly method for fighting for a film.. If both Ajith and Vijay come to know about these kind of things that are happening in Twitter, am sure that they will not be pleased with the actions of their fans...

Maybe it is a situation where both the stars need to address this situation in public and make their fans understand that a movie is after all a movie and so much fight for a movie is not needed... When fans can follow the various mannerisms that their stars produce on screen, it is time they start to follow the principles they follow off-screen too....


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