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Vetrivel - A typical Sasikumar film once again, nothing new but it works!


The film starts off with a family feud that goes on for years and we get to see Sasikumar and his brother in the present both falling in love respectively with problems and ends to meet.


The film starts well but gets a bit sluggish later especially the love parts don’t make much of an impact since we can’t feel the pain fully during the twist in the lost love's perspective but Imaan's BGM works as an uplift.


The portions just before the interval have been shot extremely well and hits the right chords though it looks lifted or may be the right word, derived from Devarmagan!


The leading girls both of them have done justice to their roles.


The main positive of the film is the handful of so many characters in the film and all written well and acted even better, read as Ilavarasu, Viji Chandrasekhar and Prabhu who just don’t look like they are playing supporting roles. The performance of the entire supporting cast lifts the movie a notch higher. The flow of the narrative is etched well as the film keeps moving.


The Nadodigal team cameo looks like a ritual that is beaten around the bush since almost all of Sasikumar's films show him a pure Samaritan for love and friendship!


The humor works out here and there but for Thambi Ramaiah's portions it looks clichéd and forced into the narrative and at times in bad taste.


The film's second half fully belongs to the respective portrayals of guarding the honor of one's own and it has been captured well.


Imaan scores once again with "adiye" that lingers in your mind even after you leave the theatre. The re-recording acts as one of the high points of the movie.


Sasi's constant collaborator lensman S R Kathir makes no mistake in cranking the camera with the right shots and moods.


The film delivers what it intends to promise, a neat entertainer but the innovation and creativity factor leaves a lot to be desired.


Though you might throw a frown face seeing Sasikumar doing the same thing over and over again and this time even the dance moves and heroic stunts misfit him, yet he doesn’t disappoint you as the film is sure to click with family audiences for it has been neatly packaged and narrated.


VERDICT: A typical Sasikumar film once again, nothing new but it works!


WATCH OUT FOR:Clean no-nonsense narrative flow, acting of the entire supporting cast  of course Sasikumar in his own self!





saravanan saroo
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