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Kalam, Movie Review

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KALAM, by no means, is a great HORROR movie. It’s more of a THRILLER than HORROR. But what makes this movie watchable is the way they have respected the audience intelligence. It’s directed by a debutant (I think I am right) and most of the actors are just testing waters in this industry. However, when one sees the movie, it doesn’t give that impression. Everyone has done a fair job.


The movie is about GAUTHAM and his family, who move into a newly renovated house, gifted by his dad. The house, as such, is decorated aesthetically and at the same time, gives a sense of eeriness as well. While the family slowly starts to warm up to the new environment, they also encounter signs of haunting. The wife, who starts to feel it first, conveys it to Gautham, who too gets his share of a similar experience.


After encountering more than a couple of eerie situations, they finally bank upon NAKULAN, who promises to help them in all possible ways. Whether the family gets out of the trouble or not forms the rest of the story. The movie is very crisp and up to the point. No needless scenes. In fact, no needless songs as well. Towards the end of the movie, when we are shown, what’s the reason behind all those happenings, we are taken aback. I don’t think people would have seen it coming and at the same time, the director has ensured that every question had a logical answer than divine answer.

It’s a nice attempt and it should be encouraged and that’s the only way, these new-gen directors are going to improve. If we don’t show our support, to these kinds of movies, we will not have out-of-the-box thinking new-gen directors.

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