Vathikuchi - Intelligent Screenplay let down by last 20 minutes

Vathikuchi - Intelligent Screenplay let down by last 20 minutes

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Vathikuchi – Surprisingly, this movie with debutant Director Kinslin and leading hero Dhileeban has got as much as expectations as a reputed director movie. The reason for it is the Trailer which looked like “Crime – Thriller”, a rare Genre in Tamil Cinema. It is also second movie from “A.R.Murugadoss” production after his successful “Engeyum Eppothum”. Let us see whether Murugadoss is able to succeed as a Producer for the second time in this review.

Story:  The plots revolves around 3 different persons (Jagan, Jayaprakash & Sampath) trying to kill hero Dhileeban for 3 different reasons.

Dhileeban, brother of Murugadoss is hero of this movie. He plays the roles of Share Auto Driver. He should be thanking his brother for giving him an opportunity to act as a Hero.  Though he looks good in action sequences, his acting skills were pretty average.

Anjali plays the role of a middle class girl in the movie who tries to act as though she is very modern. Her characterization is quite similar to “Engeyum Eppothum”. Her dialogue delivery & costumes seems to be very average. Love scenes between her and Dhileeban are not too good as her characterization looked very artificial.

Among the supporting actors (Jayapraksh, Sampath, Jagan, Saranya, Raja,etc), Jagan wins the race with ease. He had really done a good job as “Villain” in this movie with wonderful expressions.

Music director of this movie is Ghibran who gave us wonderful melodies in his debut movie “Vaagai Sooda Vaa”.  Kuru Kuru and background music of the movie was good. Cinematography is by Gurudev supports the mood of the movie. Editing is done by Praveen & Srikanth. Editing plays the key role in engaging the audience throughout the movie.

 Director of this movie is Kinslin.  Intelligent Screenplay and very unique Narration style are the biggest positives for the movie. Movie looks really racy and was too engaging in the first half. Jagan’s characterization which is revealed in the second half was not convincing. Hence, second half falls flat and especially the last 20 minutes of the movie will test the patience of the audience. If he had worked little more on Jagan’s characterization and last 20 minutes, this movie would have been a HIT. But, now falls under Average Thriller Category.

 Rating of this movie by Common Man -  2.5 / 5  

Sathish Kumar

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