Thirumanam Enum Nikkah- Common Man's Review

Thirumanam Enum Nikkah- Common Man's Review

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Movie had got postponed various times and finally got released on Thursday (24th July ’14), instead of Friday. Jai recent movies have been well received at the Box Office. This is Nazriya’s first signed Tamil Movie. But, unfortunately, it may be her last Tamil movie, as she gets married next month. Music by Ghibran has actually raised expectation for the movie as the songs were really good and it was shown in TV channels for the last one month. Let us see whether the movie satisfies the Common Man in this review.
Story: Jai & Nazriya (Brahmins) travel in the train, with false identity as Muslims. They start loving each other and what happens next forms the crux of the story.
Jai – His characterization was quite similar to his earlier movies and hence, has done the role with ease with his usual acting and unique voice.
Nazriya – She looks beautiful and impresses the audience with her cute expressions. Actually, it is her first movie and it doesn’t look like that.
Music Director Ghibran – He is one of the most talented music directors in Tamil Cinema. Kamal Haasan has selected him for his next 2 movies, which summarizes his talent. ‘Kannukul Pothivaippen’, ‘Enthaara Enthaara’ & ‘Chillendra Chillendra’ are definitely the best songs in 2014.
Cinematographer Loganathan – Songs were picturized well and his cinematography was quite good.
Editor Kasi Viswanath – Movie runs for 130 minutes. He could have edited more scenes in the second half, especially towards the climax.
Director Aneesh has made his debut in Tamil Cinema with good script. Love portions between Jai & Nazriya in the first half have come out well. But, he couldn’t engage the audience in the second half with mediocre screenplay and the most dragging climax. Last 30 minutes of the movie will test the patience of the audience.
Overall, Ghibran's wonderful music along with cute expressions from Nazriya & as usual innocent acting from Jai falls short of saving the mediocre screenplay & the most dragging climax
First Half – 2.25 / 5 , Second Half – 1.75 / 5
Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2 / 5

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