The Wolf of Wall Street - Visitor Review

The Wolf of Wall Street - Visitor Review

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When Martin Scorsese makes a film, he makes a film! Nothing could ever go wrong with the products he chooses to come up with. After a long wait, here comes a legendary filmmaker's latest offering with his favorite star cast DiCaprio.
Based on a memoir written by Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street speaks about the rise and fall of an American stockbroker. Although the movie shared similar story craft with The Departed and Goodfellas, what made the movie very interesting was the black comedy genre. As usual, Scorsese's trademark of profanity enhanced dialogues worked big time. Under his direction, the screenplay was faithful to the memoir; cinematography was classic and scenes execution was incredible.
DiCaprio is the one man who breaks his own record each movie he performs. The man surely seemed aged a little, but his performance proved otherwise. He is a director's actor and with that being said, it was very evident that he gave his heart and soul for the success of this venture. And it proved worth it. This deadly combo of director and actor provided massive entertainment to put it short.
The Wolf of Wall Street is strictly an adult product. The only flaws could be the slow-mo effect that certain scenes had and slightly overdosed nudity enhanced scenes, unlike in previous Scorsese's masterpieces. Nevertheless, if one could successfully render a 3 hour long movie and at the same time engross audiences for the entire duration, that person could only possibly be Martin Scorsese.
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