Some Good Movies From God's Own Country

Some Good Movies From God's Own Country

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Thattathin Marayathu (2012) : A love story I loved.
Thattathin Marayathu is a simple, straightforward, neat, romantic, short love story I have seen in a long time. It's that kind of movie where boy meets girl, love at first sight, she tried to woo her, she falls after sometime, then girl's parents oppose, finally they join hands. We have seen this kind of movies many times right, but you will love this one more time.
I saw this movie a week before watching Raanjhanaa. Both the movies start similarly, a small Hindu boy meets a small Muslim girl. This movie's strength is the beautiful songs. It has some eight songs, don't imagine this as any MKT's movie. None of the song is more than four minutes. All melodious and beautiful, even though I didn't get the actual meaning of all the lyrics.
Hero is Nivin, Neram fame and heroine is Isha Talwar, Thillumullu fame. Isha Talwar looks so beautiful behind her Veil, much better performance from her in this movie compared to Thillumullu. No big twists and turns, it's a really feel good romance movie which I liked.
Mumbai Police (2013) :  Absolutely unpredictable thriller.
This movies stars Prithiviraj, Rahman and Jayasurya. It's a two and half hour thriller movie without any song or a heroine. I am sure it's one of the best thrillers I have seen in recent times. And, I felt why our Tamil directors not trying something other than comedy. (I saw this movie long before OA release).
It starts with Prithiviraj calling Rahman to tell that he has solved the case he was investigating, but before he could tell the name of the murderer he met with an accident and results in partial memory loss. The case he was investigating is a murder of their friend Jayasurya another police officer. Prithiviraj after his treatment gets back to work and tries to solve the case again also trying to find out who he is. The twist at the end of the movie was really good and unexpected.
Prtihiviraj has done a tremendous job. He is police-illa-da-porikki kind of a policemen in that group. Everyone fears and most of his colleagues even hate him because of the way he is. Even though the film is two and half hours it was interesting and never goes away from the plot and the end was unpredictable. A complete contrast to the previous movie and a best movie.
Ustad Hotel (2012) : Visit this hotel once, you won't regret.
Have you heard about Narayanan Krishnan from Madurai. He was awarded CNN-IBN hero of the year 2010. If you are yet to know about him of course you can google, but you can also see this movie. Jayaprakash plays his character. Everyone must know about him.
This movie stars Mamooty's son as hero, Nithya Menon and late Thilagan in pivotal roles. The story revolves around Thilagan's Ustad Hotel, famous for its Biriyani. Hero was with his father and four sisters in Dubai, his father wants him to help him in his business, he wants to become a cook. After a fight he will come to his grandfather's place and starts helping him in his hotel.
Thilagan, a fantastic actor, I have seen him only in negative characters in Tamil. As Ustad Hotel's owner he was too good. Hero who knows how to cook finds the answer of why he should cook after meeting Narayanan Krishnan in Madurai after Thilagan's advice to meet him. After returning, he decides to stay here and continue to make the Ustad Hotel  as one of the famous and profitable Restaturant.
Another different kind of a Malayalam movie. Being a Tamilan it's very sad that none of the directors said anything about Narayanan Krishnan in Tamil movies. This movie has enough humour, a small love story,  a nice script and solid performance.
Chandhu Sivaswamy

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