Nimirndhu Nil - Nice and Tall

Nimirndhu Nil - Nice and Tall

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A story of a common man, who refuses to adapt to the corrupt world by holding strong of his good virtues becomes agitated after witnessing the realistic rude face of the society. Director Samuthrakani as usual takes a social message as his focus in narrating the story.  
Ravi (Aravind Sivasamy), is introduced as the ‘Ambi’ style person who wants the people to be straightforward and honest. He doesn’t want to talk through money to a traffic policeman, ends up with terrible experiences ending in a visit to jail taking friend Soori along for company. Subbu Panchu, as advocate helps the duo out from jail. Amala Paul (Poomari) is the girl who got impressed by Ravi’s attitude but wants him to change a little to live a peaceful life. Ravi mails petitions to higher authorities regarding the rigorous events happened to him and the people involved were punished by their respective departments.
They join together to beat up Ravi brutally through Anil Murali, who is the now suspended police inspector. Ravisomehow recovers and makes a plan to make the corrupt people get caught with proof. Gopinath helps him with publicizing the claims and this ends the first period with an appreciably spirited mood after constantly keeping the audience focused. At the break, the screenplay was strong enough to make the young crowd become enthusiastic towards breaking against corrupt practises. Thambi Ramaiah, as head constable don’t have much to do but does what he had to do with ease.  
G.V.Prakash Kumar adds fire to the fierce dialogues and enthusiastic scenes in the crucial stages and suites the context well. Editing by A.L.Ramesh looks good until the screenplay introduces the second face of the lead (Narasimha Reddy) whose importance could have been reduced and songs could’ve been removed for a better watch. Cinematography duo of M.Sukumar and M.Jeevan has done a decent job not letting the intensity drop.
Samuthrakani should have ensured the break earlier in the first period and had he made the correct adjustments and trimming there it might have been a far better second period. Those unnecessary commercial elements not only slow down the film but also make the narrating train go away from the main track a little. Samuthrakani has used his resources well to register a strong message in a neatly done manner; however more thoughts on the later stages might have made this as a blockbuster.
At some stages the plot reminds us of the previously successful films in this theme but it is understandable that those were the inspiration for the director to come up with this. It is definitely not easy to make something inspiring to the public and the director nearly achieves it. Sarath Kumar makes a short appearance as a special team head to catch Ravi. Ragini Dwivedi is also seen in short role. Amala Paul was utilized to the best for this script. Soori adds some smileys to the seious script here and there. Not able to understand the logic behind in always showing the central government pushing for Ravi to stop revealing his claims but not even a glance of the chief minister of our state. And Ravi seems to get better and better with every film and has done a great job in this one.
A much needed thought conveyed within first half (that ended up as the problem) that will keep you on the edge of your seat for the second period but it may soon push you back to the cushion. Yet, this isn’t a one to skip from watching.
Marks: 7/10
Pradeep Kalamegam

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