Nedunchalai movie review

Nedunchalai movie review

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Story: It talks about the lives of the people who are connected with “Highway”. Story of the movie is quite similar to the ones which we have seen in 1980’s. Story of the movies happens from 1960 – 1987.


Aari – He has acted in 2 movies – Rettaisuzhi & Maalai Pozhudhin Mayakathilaey, which went unnoticed. He has done lots of hardwork for this movie and has lived the role.


Shivada - She has lots of opportunities to perform in debut movie, which is rare in Tamil Cinema for heroine.  It doesn’t look like her debut movie, as she has done the role with ease.


Prashanth Narayanan – He has done the Villain role. His body language and voice were imitated like 1980’s Superstar and it has come out really well.


Saleem Kumar – He is National Award Winning Malayalam Actor. He has got good characterization in the movie and has performed superbly.


Thambi Ramaiah , Kumki Ashwin & all the supporting actors have done their roles to perfection.


Music Director Sathya -In this movie, he has experimented a lot with songs & BGM. It has come out really well. His composition can be matched to the leading Music Directors in Tamil Cinema


Cinematographer Rajavel - Taking a movie in 'HIGHWAY' is very difficult one. That too taking scenes with moving vehicles in the night makes it much more tedious.  He has taken up the challenges and given a product, which needs to be hugely appreciated.


Editor Kishore has done wonderful job yet again. Art Director Santhanam needs special mention as it is a period movie and everything looked realistic.


Though the story of the movie is as old as 1980’S movies, the screenplay & execution was too good.  First 25 minutes of the movie proves the hard work of the team. It has taken almost 2 years to complete this movie and they have to wait for a longer time to release the movie. Hard work of the team is seen in each & every scene. Movie looks little dragging in the second half due to predictable story. There are lots of small twists throughout the movie to engage the audience. Climax of the movie may receive mixed response from the audience.


Overall, Nedunchalai will give the audience, a feel of watching a realistic love story in 1980’s with wonderful Songs, BGM, Cinematography & Acting.


Rating of this movie by Common Man – 3 / 5




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