Meaghamann - Visitor Column

Meaghamann - Visitor Column

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Meaghamann is a story of an undercover agent who collapses the empire of a deadly drug smuggler in Goa. Arya plays the role of an undercover agent who accomplishes his tasks at the end, after losing some of his beloved ones, with lot of bloodsheds. Script looks age-old but the execution, music and the portrayals of the characters by the actors give a new life to this action thriller. Characterisation of the actors deserves a special mention here.
Previously, we saw Arya in Vattaram, a stylish action flick, in 2006. Meaghamann is Arya’s comeback to this genre after a gap of 8 years. He looks even more stylish in this movie. It is good to see him in this kind of film after a long gap. Although, Arya plays the role of an undercover cop, he doesn’t come in a Police outfit in this movie. One could witness his lighter moments only in the romantic sequences. Right after Kamal Haasan’s acknowledgement on the “Kaadhal Ilavarasan” title for Arya, this is the first movie where Arya is being referred to by that title in a scene by one of the characters.
Hansika Motwani plays the role of a bubbly college going girl. Her portions travel like a sub plot until a knot that is placed just before the climax which advances the movie to progress towards closure. Her moments with Vijay TV’s Jodi title winner Anandhi provides the much needed comic relief in a very serious movie like this. Hansika’s cute and funny performance is a value addition to the comic sequences.
In the recent times, many action movies were altogether lifted to a much higher level by their BGM. Meaghamann is the latest addition to that movie list. S Thaman has delivered the much needed BGM to this action flick.
At last, it is the Meaghamann of this movie, Magilzh Thirumeni. Fans of Stylish action thrillers with lot of bloodsheds for sure will like this movie. In the genre of action thriller, the director has set a trademark for him. He has tried an action sequence along the lines of Thupakki just before the intermission. It would have been even better if some fiery fights were included in that block. He has blended the stylish look of Arya and the energetic BGM of S Thaman well.
This movie is for all stylish action thriller lovers.
Dhileepan Kumaresan

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