Meaghamann Tamil movie- Visitor Review

Meaghamann Tamil movie- Visitor Review

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The action movies we have seen so far in Tamil cinema have a standard template with lots of masala which is almost not required for the movie and most important they don't follow any logic. We have seen heroes shouting throughout the movie, punch dialogues, forced songs and comedy which create headache to all


Director Magilzh thirumeni after a superb action movie Thadaiyara Thaaka is back again with another intense action movie with intelligent writing, good detailing and a racy narration in Meaghamann


Every frame, camera angles, back ground score, lighting used for the movie is in sync with apt writing of Magilzh Thirumeni,


The movie does not miss out logic in any scene, all the scenes are very realistic, when we guess the lead knots, the director himself reveals along with the audience, this is one proof that the movie is well connected with the audience,


Though the story is wafer thin one, it’s the narration of Magilzh Thirumeni which brings us to the edge of the seat with intense action blocks throughout the movie,


Arya fits the role nicely and is one of his career best roles, Hansika does the usual heroine role in an action movie, her scenes with Arya were not forced one yet do not gel naturally,


Cameraman S R Sathish has given very fresh camera angles and good lighting senses which does not allow us to go out of the narration. Editor Srikanth has made sure the racy factor for the entire movie with style. Thaman's background score elevates the action tone of the movie to further new heights and his music also adds some stylishness to the narration. All other roles in the movie do their part very well and delivered an apt performance.


Magilzh's twist in towards the climax was simply mind blowing and if he would have added a little bit natural humor in the script, then the movie would have been in further higher league.


Definitely Magilzh Thirumeni delivers an intense action movie with style and a racy narration with his original way of writing an action movie.


My rating is 3.75/5 for a stylish and an apt writing


Venkatesh Ramakrishnan

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