Kochadaiyaan update from Bloomington USA

Kochadaiyaan update from Bloomington USA

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This is an update to you from an ardent Rajini Fan who is all delighted with the experience of seeing his matinee idol’s first show in Illinois. We, group of 90 people, went to watch the Kochadaiyaan's fan club show at Bloomington tonight. It was a fun filled evening from beginning to end. All arrangements were made by Rajini Vasu, Rajini Inba and his friends.


 1.      We all assembled at 6:15 pm and it was a great feeling out there for the Rajini fans who were all excited to see their Matinee Idol in a real “Indian Native Cinema Experience”.


2.      T-Shirts were distributed – with the Superstar’s picture printed.


3.      The Journey from Bloomington to Galaxy Cinema’s started all the way talking about Thalaivar Rajini  and venting out all our feelings about how we expect the movie to be.


4.      As soon as we landed at the theatre, the actual fun started. Believe me guys , this is something you should have not missed, just for the sake of fun. At the theatre, the dance started – dance movements from the movie. First time with 20 guys, second time with 30 guys and then the floor was open and the theatre main hall erupted with the fun that you see in any South Indian Theatre on the day of movie Release.


5.      Then we had a cake cutting to mark the occasion.


6.      Finally the occasion - the movie started at 9:00 PM.


7.      As soon as Super Star’s name was on the movie, the screens were covered with colour papers. The magic started there and left us all mesmerized until the end. When we left the movie hall, we could see the hall was half covered with papers and it was everywhere.


Since most of you will be seeing the movie this weekend in theatres, I will not comment about the contents because my comments may not be neutral but I would still like to give you a few drops:


As I was out of the theatre, I did not feel like I have seen a Typical Rajini Movie. It was actually like seeing an American Movie with Thalaivar Rajini as a lead Star. You don’t get the typical Rajini styles, punch dialogues but Soundarya Rajinikanth has taken Thalaivar Rajini to an entirely different set of audience – a step ahead than Sivaji and Robo.  My God, this man’s charisma is growing with his age !!!! . The special effects are none to be compared with any of the Indian movies to-date, background music by the Oscar Winner is above excellent, What more you want – it is going to be a  “paisa vasool”. The Movie would be a treat to all type of crowds – Family crowd, College Crowd, Kids and everyone.  This is a perfect movie to go with Family with no non-sense items and I am sure everyone coming out will be happy.


Thalaivar Rajini’s humility in accepting the director as the captain of the ship  and Soundarya Rajinkanthi’s  confidence in giving a complete family entertainer has made this movie a “new genre” in Indian Cinema.       


Don’t Miss the fun and let your kids enjoy the “NEW INDIAN SUPER AVATAR”.




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