Kaaviyathalaivan - A Classic Attempt

Kaaviyathalaivan - A Classic Attempt

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A rare movie in Tamil cinema about the life of  people of stage drama troupes which were dominant before the independence of India- especially our Tamilnadu rich in literature and had so many sangams to celebrate Tamil and art in the form of dramas- the reason for me to write this is we all don't know much about all these arts, our most celebrated actors like Sivaji and MGR came from this stage drama art.


With whatever resource available about the drama troupes and about our Tamil stage dramas, Vasanthabalan gets 100/100 for detailing every data he got and a painstaking effort by his whole team for the past 2 years, not to forget the immortal contributions made by the late lyricist KAVIGNAR VAALI sir who worked in stage dramas in pre independence India, it was A.R.RAHMAN who suggested VAALI sir for this movie,


First the crew of technicians who deserves full marks are

Art director T.Santhanam-5/5
A.R.Rahman-5/5- for songs and BGM
Cinematographer NIRAV SHAH-5/5- this movie belongs to them


Vasanthabalan's writing along with JAYAMOHAN's dialogues in the first half was a mind blowing narration.


On the second half where the characterizations of Prithviraj and Siddharth go into a normal frame of things, Vasanthabalan would have worked out a lot more in a non linear format about these two people roles which would have made the film that it cannot be avoided by any person,


For me its Prithiviraj who brings the real life of a drama artist on screen with a lot of soul in his acting.


Siddharth, Vedika, are fine for their roles but the soul of bringing the right connectivity to bond with their characters is missing,


First half- 4.5/5 and second half- 2.5/5

My rating is 3.25/5 for an extensive research


Kaviyathalaivan deserves your 120 rupees for the detailed writing of Vasanthabalan and a musical movie which belongs to A.R.RAHMAN for all the 2 hour 30 minutes


Venkatesh Ramakrishnan

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