Kalyana Samayal Saadham - Well Cooked

Kalyana Samayal Saadham - Well Cooked

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This year a lot of comedy movies of different varieties released, like usual comedy movies, dark comedy, even mokka comedy movies. This one is an adult comedy movie. Really well made.

Prasanna and Lekha have done a decent job. And, the film is close to reality for most of the parts except for the beach wedding. The content of the film is about an arranged marriage. All the scenes looks so real. Movies which make us cry are not only reality movies, whatever they show in this movie also happens in real life.

The main concept of the film is that problem which arises before the wedding and how they handle it. Its a sensitive issue told with a lot of humour. Also, shows us how much preparation goes on for planning a wedding.

The director has kept the movie really crisp. We don't have any unwanted songs, heroism, etc. Kudos to Prasanna for accepting this role. That one song "Mella Sirithai" is really good to hear and also neatly pictured. Uses Facebook timeline to convey their progress towards wedding. The dialogues are biggest strength for this movie, yes there were many double-meaning dialogues, but that's mainly because of the story.

Everyone in this movie is a good person, its really nice to see that. A good character for Delhi Ganesh after a long time. Its been a while since I saw Crazy Mohan on screen. But, it was just a cameo for just one scene. It was nice when people clap for his entry as well.

Overall KSS is a well-made adult comedy still can be enjoyed by everyone. Its modern, fun, refreshing. Expecting more from the Prasannas, actor and the director as well. I hope Prasanna's career "Stands Up" after this movie. Kalyana Samayal Sadham is well cooked and everyone must have this feast. Everyone in the theatre clapped when they "Stood Up" after the movie gets over.

My Rating - 3.5/5.0.

Karthic S

Chandhu Sivaswamy

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