Irumbu Kudhirai - Common Man's Review

Irumbu Kudhirai - Common Man's Review

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Irumbu Kuthirai – Teaser of the movie looked completely stylish and it was like watching Hollywood movie teaser, due to excellent cinematography and cuts. But, the title looked odd for this kind of genre. Return of Johnny Tri Nguyen (Dong Lee of 7 aum Arivu) & 6 packs of Atharvaa, along with glamorous Lakshmi Rai & Priya Anand created good expectation for this movie. It is going to be the first Tamil movie, which runs on the backdrop of bike racers and hence, it has created huge expectations among bikers. Let us see whether this movie will satisfy only bikers or even Common Man in this review.


Story: Atharvaa follows traffic rules and drives bike slowly, for which he gets insulted by various people. He falls in love with Priya Anand, who loves bikes and recommends him to buy DUCATI. What happens next forms the rest of the story.


Atharvaa – His 6 pack abs speaks about the hard work & dedication of this youngster. He almost lived the role of Rasa in Paradesi and deserved much more awards than what he received. He has given his 100% in the action and bike sequences in this movie, but the screenplay lets him down.


Johnny Tri Nguyen – He receives huge applause from the audience, during his entry in the interval block. It would have been better if the director has used him throughout the movie and had more scenes related with bike scenes in the first half, rather than our usual commercial movie scenes.


Priya Anand – She looks good. But, she has to be very selective in her script selection. In this movie too, she gets kidnapped and hero goes in search of her, which is similar to Arima Nambi (released 7 weeks back).


Lakshmi Rai alias Raai Laxmi (she has changed her name recently) adds sufficient glamour to the movie, which seems to be the sole purpose for the director.


Music Director G.V. Prakash – Songs sound very average and placement of the songs definitely tests the patience of the audience.


Cinematographers Gurudev & Gopi Amarnath make sure that the visuals look stunning & stylish. Action and Bike Stunt sequences have been captured superbly.


Editor T.S Suresh has edited brilliantly and his cuts in the flash back scenes were too good.


Director Yuvaraj Bose was former associate director of ‘’Eeram’’ Arivazhagan. He could have done wonders with this story, actors & budget, but couldn’t even engage audience for 75% of the movie. Last 20 minutes and the end credits (making of the action sequences) only acts as the saving grace in the movie. He has tried to give a movie like “Fast & Furious”, but has compromised a lot in adding the commercial ingredients, which acts as the spoilsport for this movie. If he has taken the movie with more scenes for Johnny in the first half and concentrated completely on bike racing, it would have been new to Tamil Cinema.


Overall, 6 Pack Atharva + Gorgeous Priya & Laxmi + good comedy one liners by Jagan + Lovable mom Devadarshini + Ducati fail to engage the audience completely, due to poor execution.


Rating of this movie by Common Man – 1.75 / 5


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