Inga Enna Solludhu Music Review- Good Variety

Inga Enna Solludhu Music Review- Good Variety

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"Inga Enna Solludhu...Jessie Jessie Nu Solludha" was the famous dialogue in Vinnaithandi  Varuvaaya. In TV, Simbu was the lead hero and Ganesh was a supporting actor. In Inga Enna Solludhu, the tables are reversed.Touted to be Meera Jasmine's comeback movie, the audio of the film was released recently. The music is by Dharan. Here is a peek into the album.
1. Appa Tucker: The song starts off in a very unusual and funny manner. The tempo picks from the start and never subsides. The beats are groovy and singing is top notch creating the appropriate mood. The Adiye Singari portions are quite special.Curious to know where it will be placed and on whom it will be picturised. The only let down is that it sounds a remixed version of Gajnam style. Rating - 3.25/5
2. Avan Ivan: The singing by NSK Ramya is top notch. She has a commanding voice which suits this song very well. Apart from the singing, the song has no other positive. The song has a heard before feel and lyrics could have been better. Autotune could have been avoided at some places. Rating - 2.5/5
3.Cute Aana: The best song of the album after Aapa Tucker. Naresh Iyer infuses life into the song with his own sweet voice. A cute song which hits the right note at consistent basis. Rating - 3.5/5
4.Ennodu : The sad pathos filled version of Avan Ivan, Ennodu does not make the required emotional connect.It is structured well and NSK Ramya holds the song well. Rating - 2/5
5. Kuttipayale: The song makes an impact on multiple listening sessions. But one feels either the lyrics or the tune could have been better. Simbu is sensational as a singer and does enough justice to the song. Rating - 2.75/5
6. Pattampoochi: This song is a disappointment on many levels. The lyrics are banal. Even the singing by VTV Ganesh does not create the required impact. Rating - 2/5
7. Shuklambaratharam : The traditional Shuklambaratharam served in great style. Rating - 3/5
MY rating: 2.7/5
Verdict: A good variety album by Dharan that falls a bit short on execution.

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