Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara - Guhan's views

Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara - Guhan's views

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This is one movie that had been soaring the “Expectation Meter” to a high-beam ever since the first look came out.  The name in the title BalaKumara is the word blend of the two characters in the movie Sumar Moonji Kumaru and Bala played by Vijay Sedhupathi and Ashwin Kakumanu respectively. The movie is similar to that of Vaanam. Lives of different people that come together later. Not exactly like that. But you can see that.
Speaking of the cast, the movie stars Vijay Sedhupathi, Ashwin Kakumanu, Swathi, Rajendran, M.S. Baskar, Pasupathy, Pattimanram Raja, Robo Shankar and many others.
Swathi had a huge change over. It was hard to picturise and compare her with the girl that we saw in Subramaniapuram. She was trendy. She does gets on our nerves when she tortures her boyfriend but that’s the outcome of her character. If we feel that, she’s done justice to her character. She has a song where she was shown to be her best with a breezy little song.
Ashwin Kakumanu plays Bala. A Marketing executive who has to catch orders for a company. He is the  kinda guy who hates his boss and runs here and there from his girlfriend and his work. You might have seen his role in Mankatha. This role is exactly the opposite of what he did that movie. This guy drinks a lot given the fact that his brain is infested with the stress from both his boss and the Girl he loves. The love chemistry between them is only in the song and during all the other times, they are either fighting or apologizing. He does okay, and you know what he looks more like Nivin Pauly of Neram. I felt that.
There’s Naan Kadavul Rajendran who wears the single Green shirt and a cap. He’s done his role awesome. I mean, it’s great to see a terrifying villain to be doing Comedy roles continuously. One can never say that, he’s just good at one single job. The way he interacts with the ‘Jaangiri’ Madhumitha of OKOK fame is awesomatic Aaromale. And speaking of her, she’s extraordianry looking girl. She could even be a heroine but she was shown that terrible in OKOK. Maybe to tickle our bones. Whatever. But you looked fabulous, Madhumitha!
Pasupathy is there in the movie for the first half. He has a decent comic role in which he performs good. The way he acts as though he is a Diabetic person is simply realistic and it does bring smile on our lips. Robo Shankar joins the goon gang of Pasupathy. He has not been given much of an importance in the comedy and neither his dialogues were ticklish. He was just there adding the list of people we know.
The movie is director Gokul’s second movie that is completely different from that of his first Action Flick Rowthiram. He has done the promos quite good. Had a heap of crowd in the theatre. The movie is all about characters. Right from the intial scenes, it runs with their names alone. You’ll catch it in ten minutes or so. 
The director has made a decent script and has put the appropriate cast. Everyone did their parts pretty darn good.  No flaws. The screenplay is where he stammered it seems. I was totally confused at some scenes that “Where is this exactly happening?” I was really juggling to figure out what happens where and when it happens. I think the whole movie is on a single day. He could have worked on that somewhat more. In creating the character of M.S.Bhaskar, he used a lot of Malayalam dialogues that I didn’t understand. He should have looked into that before making such a character. And the utilization of Parota Soori was a nice trick. Though a short time, he was good.
 And the important guy in the film, the one for which everyone went to see the movie. The one and Sumaar Moonji Kumar. He is the only one to look for in the entrire movie. I don’t know what but he’s comfortable wearing a single dress for a long time throughout the movie. In this movie too, he has a crazy costume for the most of the time. HE has definitely put on some weight and it is evident from the song he dances sung by BALA. You can see the tshirt being broad and big on his chest. But he is the typical “Boy-next-door” of Tamilnadu. His being black and the beard holding makes him perfect for the role. And he calling himself Sumaar Moonji Kumar adds to the flavour.
He’s simply the guy who has graduated in Acting. He’s funny. It’s not the usual one-liner comedy that is implemented in this film. It’s fresh. Though it fails at time, trying something is better than doing the same thing over and over again. Many may say that it was not upto the mark. But what I personally felt was that the movie was rollicking. He gets the film that he can do the chennai Slang and he does it with ease. His dialogue delivery and his beody language gives him the perfect position on his role. You’ll really smile everytime he says “Kumudha Happy”
Overall, it’s a movie with its ups and downs, most of the ups being the part where Vijay Sedhupathi comes. Not a perfect movie for a weekend but definitely a cinema worth watching.
I read a comment in facebook by a person. His micro review : “Idhaaba, oru dhabaa paakalaam”! Loved it. It’s true.. And is a must watch to see what Vijay Sedhupathi has in store for you by his skills.
Raja Guhan

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