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EYE IN THE SKY – Movie Review

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There have been many English movies which dealt with terrorism. On top of my mind, I remember BODY OF LIES, which showed how infiltration is done inside a terrorist group to nab them. And there were other movies, which successfully showed how terrorists are captured and killed. But I don’t know if there was a movie which dealt with what’s the procedure of going through the entire military operation – I mean, I have always seen only one side of it – never knew there was another side to it and this movie captures just that.

This movie comprises of some brilliant writing, acting and some serious questioning about what’s right and what’s not. So, the story goes like this. The U.S, U.K & Kenya governments lead a mission to capture terrorists belonging to Al Shabab group, who had just executed a Kenyan informer couple of days ago. The govts receive an Intel that these terrorists, which also has a woman from U.K, are meeting up in Nairobi for something – that’s how U.K & Kenyan governments are involved.

Situations proceed in such a way, that the mission changes from CAPTURE to KILL. Now, mind you, it’s not easy. The military leading this, have to come up with a strategy that would involve the least number of casualties, but at the same time, kill the terrorists as well. And since the situation changed from CAPTURE to KILL, there are lot of approvals involved, which goes up to the PM of the U.K Govt. After passing the buck from one person to another, finally, they do manage to get an approval for a missile strike.

That’s when jeopardy comes. A little Kenyan girl gets caught between this situation unaware of this entire operation and the second half of the movie opens up the debate of whether should the missile strike be carried out, which would mean killing that little girl as well - as part of collateral damage (or) should the missile strike be put on hold, which would mean, that the terrorists could escape and the chance of getting them again might not be possible in the near future as the govts had already waited for 6 years to nab them.

The movie starts with a note “In a war, TRUTH is the first casualty”. And when you see the movie, you will see how true that statement is. Every single character has been performed to perfection and there is no single point in the movie, where it lags. The screenplay is so tight that you would hate it when interval comes. You would never want a disruption for this kind of a movie. This movie is already in contention for 2016 OSCARS.

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