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Some movies leave such an impact that we feel that remaking it or adapting it to other languages will spoil the originality and so those sorts of movies should never be touched. However, after watching THOZHA, I felt that the team had done complete justice to the original. Can’t come up with a better adaptation than this one.

“Vayasanalum Un Stylum azhagum innum onna vittu pogala” – loosely translated as “Even though you are old, your style and beauty are still with you”. This is a very famous dialog from a popular RAJINI movie. I don’t know about the style, but certainly NAGARJUNA’s beauty and charm just keep growing each day. He has played the role of a millionaire who is now restricted to his wheelchair perfectly. I was worried about this character, because in the original FRANCOIS CLUZET would have done so much justice to it, that its almost impossible to imagine someone else in that role. But, NAG has nailed it and hats off to him for taking up this role. Yes, you might feel a bit weird to hear him mouth Tamil dialogs, but I think, its better to have his own voice than someone else dub, because sometimes, the dubbing artist might not be able to portray the exact feelings of the character and this role requires portrayal of feelings via eyes, cheeks..and only NAG will know better when to pause and when to talk and so, his Tamil diction can be easily forgiven. KARTHI plays the role of NAG’s caretaker, which was played by OMAR SY in the original. This is a tailor made role for him and right from his accent, mannerism, everything fits in naturally. There is nothing artificial in either of these two characters.

The movie deals with the bonding between the millionaire and the care taker and how each of them goes about their own lives as a result of the bonding. There is enough scope for drama but thankfully, nothing goes overboard. That was another aspect which I was worried about, because we, the Indian audience are more sentimental in nature and so directors tend to increase that quotient more to attract family audience. But thankfully, everything is kept in the right proportion. If anything, the duet between TAMANNAH and KARTHI could have been done away with, but then again, some compromise needs to be made to suit the audience here and so, even that can be forgiven.

Talking about TAMANNAH, I should mention her dressing sense for this character. Top Notch. Her outfits suit perfectly and she is able to carry them off with ease. Kudos to the costume designer. And when she expresses her love for KARTHI, who is totally poles apart, her reasoning too makes sense. Nothing artificial in that aspect as well. ANUSHKA and SHRIYA appear in cameo roles and they too do justice to their characters.

Gopi Sundar’s music is neither too great nor bad, but it just suits this movie and the BGM flows smoothly and even the songs, mostly montages, are composed decently. Overall, this is a very decent movie and it’s a definite watch for all family audiences. Though NAG and KARTHI have equal weightage, you have to give it NAG. End of the movie, he is the one who remains in your mind.

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