Ennamo Nadakkudhu -review

Ennamo Nadakkudhu -review

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Story – The movie revolves around the life of Vijay Vasanth, who lives in North Chennai. First half of the movie defines all the characters in the movie. Vijay Vasanth gets into trouble, while trying to save his lover and what happens next forms the crux of the story. Though the story is a simple one, director has managed to engage the audience throughout the movie with wonderful screenplay.


Vijay Vasanth- He has made comeback as hero yet again in this movie and has managed to deliver it this time. He has done complete justice to the role and the characterization completely fits him. He has underplayed throughout the movie and it has worked out for him.


Mahima Nambiar - She made her debut through Sattai as School Girl. She looks completely different in this movie. She has got good opportunity to perform in this movie and has acted well.


Saranya Ponvannan – She has yet again given her best performance. Chemistry between her & Vijay Vasanth has come out really well. Her North Chennai Slang will make the audience to clap.


Rahman, Prabhu, Sukanya & Thambi Ramaiah are the experienced actors and their acting really takes the movie to the next level.


Music Director Premji Amaraen – Songs were quite average and as usual slows down the pace of the movie. But, BGM has really come out well.


Editor Praveen & Srikanth duo have made sure that the second half of the movie engages the audience completely. Songs are misplaced and it plays the spoilsport.


Cinematographer Venkatesh has done a wonderful job. He has shown lots of variation in the flashback scenes.


Director Rajapandi has not tried something different, but manages to give a movie with more engaging scenes in the second half. First half takes its own time to define the characters in the movie and once it is done, the movie really picks up the speed and it is maintained throughout the movie.


Overall, Yennamo Nadakuthu is one of the decent thrillers in recent times.


Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2.75 / 5


Rating of this movie for Thriller Movie fans, people who liked Mounaguru, Thadaiyara Thaakka – 3.5 / 5


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