Endrendrum Punnagai - Energyless Picturization

Endrendrum Punnagai - Energyless Picturization

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Jiiva - one of the promising and capable youngster of the last decade is now finding it hard to get success at the box office and this time too it doesn't seem to happen.

Movie starts off with Nasser finding his wife runaway from him. His drunken emotional words at that night turns Jiiva (Gowtham) into a women-hater. He finds friends in Vinay (Sri) and Santhanam (Baby) who despite trying for every women passing by, keep their words, as they wont marry anyone as per Jiiva's wish. The friends run an advertisement production house and Trisha (Priya) happens to be their co-worker for an Ad they make with her company.

Trisha proves once again that she deserves her longevity in the industry with her role. Andrea Jeremiah, a top model, is likened by Jiiva's no-interest to female views and as a strict director. After the completion of their shoot everyone was congratulating themselves and she kisses Jiiva. Our man in anger slaps her in front of everyone in the set. Trisha stands by his side and on the way to her home met with an accident speaking over mobile to him. Jiiva, for some reason is worried about her even after he admitted her in hospital. Next morning, at the close of the first part, the friends tell our lead that they are getting married and say that they look forward to their own important life.

Jiiva thus turns alone and he being a son who doesn't speak a word to his father, for his second marriage in an attempt to change his attitude towards women. Trisha's company run by T.M.Karthik (Sunny) happened to do another project together and Andrea forgets the incident and decides to work together. But just on the day of shoot she wants him to give his apology and he stands by his stance that it was her mistake which resulted in Andrea leaving the shoot. Trisha puts on the costumes and the filming get finished. Nasser informs on phone that it was his son's birthday and Trisha make a party for him and they both get close and find themselves in love, only for our hero to claim her as just a co-passenger at airport seeing a friend of him. Will our hero break his ego and propose her is the remaining. 

Seeing Nasser as the father, one has to wonder that isn't there any alternative available for these kind of roles as he is becoming an every-movie cast nowadays. He is good once again.

The screenplay was like a tortoise that too like its going for a leisure time walk and not in a race. Music by Harris Jayaraj is average to his standards and is fast losing popularity and reputation among the youngsters. Director I.Ahmed has delivered this movie targeting youth as almost every movie does today. Although the theme of the story possess the depth worthy of their attention the execution doesn't. Santhanam can't help it either with only able to create little smiles here and there. The duo of K.L.Praveen and N.B.Srikanth's do the editing duties. R.Madhi gives some good views from his camera. The friendship scenes were carved out in a way that if we are already in a good funny mood with friends, it'll make a good watch.

Overall its a man who hates women, finds love in a friend is shown with some father-son sentiment in the end. Slow screenplay ended any chances for a success but a good attempt anyway. Hard luck Jiiva, from the bottom of the heart - better luck next time.

Marks: 5/10

Pradeep Kalamegam

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