Dhoom 3 Review

Dhoom 3 Review

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Dhoom 3, a follow up to the Very Successful Dhoom2, which released way back in 2006. Having a huge ensemble cast with the Lead who actually started 100cr and 200cr game at the Box office, you actually expected a very fun and thrill filled ride throughout, but what if you are offered that only in bits and pieces.. That is what exactly Dhoom 3 is.

Well the movie actually starts on a promising note. Iqbal Khan (Jackie Shroff) owner of the Great Indian Circus, has huge debts to pay to The Western bank of Chicago, but does not have money either.  So, he actually puts together his best acts to for the Bank Authorities who will sponsor them if they find it good enough. But the bank authorities don’t like his act and tell him that circus is only about clowning and ask Iqbal Khan to vacate his place. Unable to suffer this humiliation Iqbal shoots himself in front of his son Sahir..

Cut to today amidst currency notes raining Aamir (Sahir) makes his entry. What then follows is a chase sequence that is actually a Hollywood meets Tollywood standards. Sahir’s only intention is to close down the bank. To investigate this case enters Jai (Abhishek)  and Ali (Uday). As if there were no cops in America..

What happens after that is very clumsily told in the rest 2 hrs.. There are only 3 main twists in the movie. The first one being the Interval bang which almost no one expected. To tell the other two would be spoiler. Coming to the performances Aamir has done a good job in the second half of the movie. He almost has the same set of expressions as Sahir throughout the movie though. Abhishek has actually nothing to do than to act smart, which he fails to do. Uday Chopra entertains you with whatever screen time he’s got. But unfortunately his screen time is very restricted. My tub of pocorn actually lasted more than that of Katrina Kaif’s  role in the movie. She’s there only for the glamour quotient of the movie. 3 songs, 2 scenes and 4 dialogs is what she’s got.

Technically, except for the Action Choreography and the DOP none have scored. Editing is at its worst. Especially the KAMLI song.. Music is not worth mentioning.. Costumes are Casual which is okay. Whereas the run time at 172 mins is major negative..

Totally this movie is not worth watching. Ignore it if you can..
Ravi Shankar

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