Conversations with Mani Ratnam - Baradwaj Rangan

Conversations with Mani Ratnam - Baradwaj Rangan

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This book gives a good perspective of Mani Ratnam movies. Guess one of the way to re read the book can be watch a Mani’s movie and read the specific chapter on this movie and again watch the movie. This will show the Directors thinking process behind each scene …a good way to look at script writing development.
Felt the book could have been done jointly with one more author with  Directorial experience (Myskin , Bala ,SP Jaganathan are the names that comes to my mind) as they would have brought out a larger, more detailed perspective on his Movies and can remain a must study book for the film buffs.
All the  answers are quite logical and simple. Now, you understand from where the simplicity in his initial movies came from. He is also brutally honest in giving the replies and to credit the Author it has been published “as is”.
There is a continuity in most of the answers and common theme is the film characters addresses evolving of a person which are the core strengths in his script.
His honesty comes out when in some cases he mentions that he doesn’t remember and gives credit to where its due and he is right when he says “memories are not totally trustworthy”.
Some of the questions across all movies are standard and could have been avoided. His thoughts on Indian films commercial movement/business model change  in next 10 years could have been captured.
As Rangan mentions about the love songs of Dil Se ,” there is a spiritual, philosophical, existential quality to the words” . It will not be wrong to say that all the movies has this essence throughout his film in complete form/all parameters. This will make ManiRatnam movies stand against tsunami of time.
Sri Ram

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