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Graphics has propelled to unimaginable heights in modern times. However, Batman Vs Superman is a strong indicator that a visual spectacle without a proper story line is bound to fail. Set in the DC universe at Metropolis and Gotham, it is about how two superheroes with a varied mindset view the other as a threat to the world.


Zack Snyder perhaps has decided to throw the linear story telling concept out of the window. The movie comes as an amalgamation of various scenes that aren’t for once correlated or related. The tone of the movie is dark overall and is a hindrance to DC Universe. The Marvel Cinematic universe filled with fun and engaging storytelling and ever expanding characters is eons ahead of the proposed DC Universe.  Music by Hans Zimmer is the stand out point in the film. Graphics needs a major mention here, but after a point of time, the overtly red and black tones kind of gets to you.
The portrayal of Batman is a far cry from Nolan’s version. Kudos to Ben Affleck though, he could only work what was offered to him and he serves it up in style. Superman tries too hard and fails to impress you as does Batman. Gal Gadot as wonder woman appears in a few scenes but only to establish the Justice league. The best of the lot is arguably Jesse Eisenberg, who despite the weak story shines through with his acting abilities.

The biggest flaw in the movie is the story. Without establishing proper hatred between the two Superheroes, one wants to defeat the other. Batman sparing Superman because his mother’s name is Martha reminds me of 80’s Tamil movie. The movie does not have a proper base to build itself upon. The movie is a starting point to the failed road of Batman and superman before Nolan’s intervention. Serious steps have to be taken to handle the movie with the class and clarity of Nolan.

I do not enjoy DC comics very much and if this movie is a sincere adaptation of the comic book, then I am glad I did not try too much.The movie could well be a letdown of the year irrespective of the box office.  The movie with a subpar plot and overtly ridiculous graphics gets a 1.5/5 to me.

Jeyaram Jawahar
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