Bangalore Days-review

Bangalore Days-review

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Every feel-good entertainer follows a pattern, Bangalore Days does the same but with an ensemble of powerful cast and performances, this one was sweeter and smarter than you expected.


Anjali Menon portrays each character with beautiful emotions and displays all of them with unique colors. The movie is all about three close cousins’ steps in to Bangalore to start a new life but ending up learning that they have already started it and learns how to love it fully. Right from the title card flashes, the visuals give you a new experience and play a major factor in captivating the audience.


Everyone has played their part naturally, be it Dulquer or Nazriya or Pauly or the fabulous Fahad all of them had put their best work and these talents were extracted well by the maker. The love sequences between Parvathy Menon and Dulquer was so vibrant and charming. The makers in Malayalam have improved themselves in a wide scale on technical side nowadays and this movie is the best evident for that, the climax bike race scene which was captured and edited brilliantly. 


Anjali Menon conveys her message strongly and the screenplay was like remembering the most lovable memories, she even pulled out a single shot scene easily along with world class frames/angles passing just like that all over the movie. Every good movie will have some flaws too and the most important thing in that was the duration. The movie was too long and it slightly distracts the audience from the content. The love portion of Fahad and Nithya Menon could have conveyed in dialogues itself, it doesn't look like it requires a flashback.


The writing was very passionate and it reflects in every dialogue throughout the movie. Anjali Menon has succeeded in her way of storytelling and she sends you out from the hall with a happy smile in your face. From the technical department, Cinematography, Editing and music were really good and they make Bangalore days even more gorgeous. Sound editing team also needs a special mention for their eminent work.


Verdict - Bangalore Days will force to love your life for those who live it. 

Ravindran Nivaz Pandian

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